Island of Pag

Discover the beauty and charm of this beautiful island and create
unforgettable memories of your holiday on the Adriatic.

The island of Pag is known for its unique blend of rocks, wind, sun, crystal blue sea, ancient olive trees ... bare areas unfavorable for life, but populated with the rich variety of medicinal herbs. Because it, Pag is often compared with the Moon's surface.

Beach lovers will enjoy the sandy beaches and shores on this island surrounded by secluded coves, scenic coastal roads and picturesque villages.

Pag is also known for raising sheep and lamb, production of sheep cheese, ham and lace.

It is abundant with hidden, secluded places far away from the modern world which give the impression that the time has stopped and that is what makes the island of Pag an ideal destination for your perfect holiday!

Attractions of the island Pag